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9 Feb
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What to put on an NDIS invoice

As a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider, it’s important you invoice the NDIS correctly to avoid delays in payment.
The National Disability Insurance Agency has strict rules around invoicing, so any mistakes or missing information will lead to your invoice being rejected and you having to start the process again.

7 essential things to include on your NDIS invoice

Make sure you include all of the below details on your NDIS invoices to ensure they are processed first time

  1. The name of your business, your ABN (which must match the one on ABN Lookup), and your bank details.
  2. A unique invoice number (using the same invoice number twice can lead to the NDIA’s system rejecting it).
  3. The customer’s full name (and, while their NDIS number isn’t compulsory, including this too can help speed up processing).
  4. A brief description of the service you provided (if you know the service’s NDIS line item, include that too to avoid delays).
  5. The date the invoice was issued and the date or spread of dates you delivered the service.
  6. How many hours of support you provided and at what hourly rate.
  7. The total amount you’re invoicing for (GST if applicable, must be inclusive of the hourly rate).

Use our invoice template  as a guide.

Submit your NDIS invoices more quickly by uploading a PDF

We can accept multiple formats of submission of your invoices, however the best format is PDF due to accessibility and ease of use. Please note invoices requiring login, or online access (linked) can cause further delays to processing.

Find the latest line items and price limits by checking regularly the NDIS Website.

Getting details for your NDIS invoices as well updated information about supports, by checking the NDIS website regularly.

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