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Our guide to NDIS Management Options.

5 Jun
5 Jun

Our guide to NDIS Management Options.

Our guide to NDIS Management options.

During your Pre-Planning Meeting (or review) – your Local Area Coordinator will explain the three Plan Management Options;

  • Agency Managed – Where the NDIA – The National Disability Insurance Agency manages your funds.
  • Self Managed – Where you manage your own funds.
  • Plan Managed – Where a qualified Financial Intermediary manages your funds.

Each Management option, has its own benefits, and its limitations or responsibilities. Your Local Area Coordinator, should explain these in detail during your Pre-Planning and Implementation Meetings. Deciding which Plan Management option best suits you can be difficult, but having the right information to help you understand is vital.

What are the Plan Management Options?


Agency managed (or NDIA Managed), option allows you to start your plan, with the NDIA dealing with your registered Providers directly. The Registered Provider will bill the NDIA directly, with minimal input from yourself. However the major draw back is, you can only engage Registered Providers. Which limits your support options to a very small part of a very large market.

Self Managed

Self Managed gives you total flexibility with your plan, it is the ultimate goal of the NDIA to enable its participants to Self Manage their own plans. Benefits include; You can engage registered and unregistered Providers, negotiate pricing and maximise the efficiency of your funds. However Self Managing requires responsibility and an astute sense of financial planning. You also may need to be financially capable for paying invoices out of pocket and claiming the expenses from the NDIA. This can be a significant financial burden for some.

Plan Managed

Plan Managed means that a third party Registered Provider – like South East Care, handles your financial accounts, paying your Registered and Unregistered Providers, paying invoices, keeping regular accounts of your Plan and ensuring strong filing history. Plan Management gives you most of the flexibility of a Self Managed plan without the financial (paying up front) or compliance (documentation for Auditing) burdens.

Which option is best for you?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Each participant will have a different best option based on their individual skills and abilities. The NDIS sees Self-Management as the ultimate goal for participants, however not everyone has the ability, time, capacity or knowledge to be able to use an online government interface, manage their own budgets and organising their own supports. There is also the burden of having to pay invoices upfront and having to keep detailed financial records for a number of years. Agency managed has its obvious barriers, being that you can only engage registered providers. The lack of flexibility means that if you find a provider that you know, like and charges less, If they are not registered, you cannot access their support. Plan Management gives you most of the flexibility of a Self Managed plan without the financial (paying up front) or compliance (documentation for Auditing) burdens.

Do you pay for Plan Management Services?

Plan Management is funded in your plan, if you request for it as your Plan Management option. Generally the decision is made in the Pre-Planning Meeting (or review meeting if this is not your first plan), where you inform the Local Area Coordinator about your decision. However you can change your mind once your plan has been approved or in progress. You just need to contact your Local Area Coordinator and notify them of your change of mind. When you do select Plan Management, the funding is added to your plan. It is completely paid for by the NDIS, and it doesn’t eat into your other funds. Typically funding will appear under Capacity Building Supports Budget > CB Choice and Control of your NDIS Plan.

Why South East Care for Plan Management?

South East Care is directed and run by a team of qualified financial experts, with a profound experience and understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Making our services quality, accurate and reliable. All information provided on our website was written by our very own staff, who have a deep knowledge and experience of the NDIS. So if you do choose to manage your plan with a qualified Plan Manager, consider South East Care as your Plan Manager.

  • We prioritise paying Invoices quickly and on time.
  • We ensure Providers and Non Providers follow the right procedures and don’t double dip into Participant’s funding.
  • We keep you informed about how your funding is going, and keep you notified if any concerns are identified.

If you’d like to read more about South East Care, contact us on (03) 9070 5230 or visit:

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