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Why a Plan Manager?

There are 3 options to choose from when it comes to managing your NDIS funds depending on your preference. Plan Management is one of them.

Plan Managed

Easy to use
Control over your plan

Agency Managed

Easy to use
Control over your plan

Self Managed

Easy to use
Control over your plan

Is being Plan Managed right for you?

Plan Management is best suited for those who may not have the time, capacity or knowledge to be able to manage their NDIS budget, use the online government interface and organise their own supports.

Being Plan Managed means you don’t need to worry about having to pay invoices upfront nor having to keep detailed financial records for a number of years. We will do this for you so you can enjoy moments that matter most.

You don’t have to pay for being Plan Managed. It is funded in your plan if you request for it.

Why South East Care?

South East Care’s unique focus is to provide exclusively Plan Management Support, above and beyond what other services provide, while making it simple and easy for everyone to understand. Our team of local Plan Managers are ready to assist you in unlocking the full potential of your Plan

Our commitment to you.


You can get reliable answers instantly.

We have a wealth of knowledge about the NDIS, inside and out.


You can enjoy moments that matter most.

We work with your support networks, not against it, to ensure you get the most out of your Plan, community and wider supports.


You can trust our advice.

We are exclusively a Plan Manager which means we have zero conflicts of interest. Our advice and guidance is simply because we care.


Your Providers get a fast and reliable payment.

We guarantee same-day processing, which means your Providers get paid faster and more reliably.


A personal team that understands your situation.

We are run by a local team that are part of your community. Our Plan Managers are assigned to you for life, so you get that continuation of service and care. This means our team understand your situation and can work effectively to meet your needs.


Your funds are safe and accounted for.

We monitor and protect claims and claimants from fraud, to ensure your funds are safe and accounted for. We will notify you of any questionable claims or actions.

The work we do for you.

Managing your funds.

As a Plan Manager we will manage your funds for you.

Payments and invoicing.

We process your payments and ensure your invoices are paid.

Budgeting and planning.

We provide you with budget updates and planning support for long-term outcomes.

Fraud protection and monitoring.

We monitor claims and claimants, to ensure your funds are safe and accounted for.

Information, advice and guidance.

Our Plan Specialists are equipped with profound experience to assist you in understanding all aspects of your plan. Empowering you to use your plan to its full potential.

For further information, download our Factsheet and Welcome Brochure.

What do I need to get started?

1.Trusting your plan with us.

2.Receiving your Welcome Pack.

3.Finding supports and services.

4.Get your supports.

5. Get your invoice paid.

'Everything was in line, easy to use.’

‘They helped me a lot in understanding my plan, they also stay in touch asking me about my invoices regularly. They are very quick to respond. I personally think because they are a smaller company, they are very good and fast…’


A family member
of South East Care.

You may ask…

  • Ease of use. We manage your payments for you, paying your registered and unregistered Providers, paying invoices, keeping regular accounts of your plan and ensuring strong filing history.
  • Control over your plan. You make all the decisions about your plan, we just do the work. Invoices are paid at your direction and authority.
  • Flexibility. Plan Management has most of the flexibility of a Self-Managed plan, without the financial (paying up front) or the compliance (documentation for auditing) burdens.
See our table of comparison for further details.
  • There is no cost to you! When you do select Plan Management as your management option, the funding is added to your plan. It is paid for by the NDIS, and it doesn’t eat into your other funds. Typically funding will appear under Capacity Building Supports Budget > CB Choice and Control of your NDIS Plan.
  • The decision is made in the Planning (or Review) meeting, where you inform the Local Area Coordinator about how you’d like to manage your plan. However you can change your mind once your plan has been approved or in progress. You just need to contact your Local Area Coordinator and notify them you’d like to change to Plan Managed.
  • Plan Management is funded in your plan, if you request for it as your Plan Management option. 
  • I have a new plan.  Simply contact South East Care to get yourself registered, by phone, email or online registration. 
  • I want to switch from another Plan Manager. You’ll need to give notice to your old plan manager that you are looking to switch, we then will be able to complete the transition quickly and with limited effect to your supports.
  • Changing from Agency or Self-Managed to Plan Managed. Contact your Local Area Coordinator to let them know, they will get the ball rolling. During this time, simply complete our registration process (phone, email or online) so we can finalise things on our end.

Click here to register online or here if you’d like to contact us.

Our payment process is as simple as it gets,simply;
  • Ask your provider to bill us directly. Your provider can email us directly, we will seek authority from you prior to payment.
  • Send to us and we will pay your Provider. You can also send us your invoices for payment, we will pay the Provider on your behalf.
  • Reimbursements. If you have paid out of pocket, simply provide us with your receipt and we’ll transfer the funds to your nominated bank account.

Our invoicing email is For further information about getting invoices paid check out our Providers page.

Any doubt? Ask us.

Our staff are here to help, whether it be to answer questions about your Plan or to discuss some areas of concern, we’re ready to help.

Let’s get NDIS smart!

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