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Review our service agreement.

This agreement is between you and us. It provides an outline of the services we’ll be delivering to you as your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator and the terms for the services.

Item A – Support provided by South East Care.

As an NDIS Registered Service Provider, South East Care fees are regulated by NDIA.

South East Care will provide Financial Intermediary Service as follows:

  • Make a claim on the NDIS Portal for the Supports provided by the Participant’s Provider that is Plan Managed.
  • Endeavour to claim from the NDIS portal within 3 business days of receiving a Provider’s invoice that meets the information required to process and the Participant has an active Plan to cover the period.
  • Pay the Provider within 2 business days of receipt of a successful claim from the NDIS Portal.
  • Provide information on claim outcome to the Participant, Authorised Representative and Provider.
  • Maintain communication with the NDIA and Local Area Partner